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Well, I'm so far behind on my blogs now that 56 has come and is quickly moving on by. Where does the time go? Thankful for the changes wrought in me by the Holy Spirit since April 14, 1990. Thankful for the gifts He has bestowed on me, a beautiful and loving wife of almost 37 years, three fine and very talented children, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and five adorable grand-children (2 girls and 3 boys), and finally a gift of art and appreciation of music, and as my daughter would attest to.... a comment about everything.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday made me long for spring.....

As weather in Kansas can be, unpredictable, it was 71 degrees in Manhattan yesterday.  Wow!  Today, well that's another story.  Cold, blustery, windy and overcast.  Seeing my title picture made me long for warmer weather  Even though that is a fall picture,  I could almost smell the damp grass after an early spring rain.  See the crocus, lilies and tulips popping up, and soon the Flags.  Can't hardly wait to get back to working on projects outdoors.  Of course when I start roofing the house I will probably be thinking the opposite.

The exiting thing is that we are one day closer to spring!!

Hope to figure out how to add pictures of the Utility Room this weekend so there is something else to look at and comment on.  That little project turned out to be an enormous undertaking.
More on that shortly.


  1. We hit 78 yesterday. Talk about making you long for spring. It was almost too warm for me yesterday. :) And now the cold front moves through and brings us back to reality once again. Come on Spring!!! Love you!

  2. Hey you,
    love you.
    Spring spring where are you?

  3. Yo Yo Pops...

    time to get some photos of the roof on here!! Guess we need wireless ;O)

  4. Very soon there will be pics up on your blog of the roof completion and now the front porch!!!

    Cheering you on.
    What a productive hobby you have.